Monday, October 31, 2011

Walking in the Cold?

So our son is walking...well sorta. He has these days where he'll want to walk all the time but only takes 6-8 steps and loses balance or just doesn't want to walk anymore. So I thought it'd be scary to have him walking everywhere but that is not the scary part.
The other day Steven and I were in the living room and we heard a glass clinking. I was confused on how he would have a glass cup on the floor, well he wasn't even close to the floor. Steven walked in the kitchen and he had climbed up on the chair and then onto the table all by himself and was putting his hand inside the glass playing with the water. He's crazy. So now we have to make sure all the chairs are tucked in tightly because he likes to push the chairs around. Now this is scary. I can't wait till he figures out how to get out of his crib....not!

This is just a picture taken from my computer. Thought it was funny.

Idaho is great. The weather is not. It has already snowed once and is going to snow tomorrow 11/1. I have never felt a cold like Rexburg. When people heard about us moving to Rexburg and knowing that I've lived in Utah they said, "well you've lived in Utah, you should know how to handle the cold." I told them that it may get cold in Utah but my snot doesn't freeze. Is what makes it super cold is the wind. The wind is awful here. For example, today it was nice and sunny outside, probably mid 40's. With the wind it feels like mid 30's. And sadly that isn't even cold for Rexburg. I'm going to freeze.

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