Monday, October 31, 2011

Walking in the Cold?

So our son is walking...well sorta. He has these days where he'll want to walk all the time but only takes 6-8 steps and loses balance or just doesn't want to walk anymore. So I thought it'd be scary to have him walking everywhere but that is not the scary part.
The other day Steven and I were in the living room and we heard a glass clinking. I was confused on how he would have a glass cup on the floor, well he wasn't even close to the floor. Steven walked in the kitchen and he had climbed up on the chair and then onto the table all by himself and was putting his hand inside the glass playing with the water. He's crazy. So now we have to make sure all the chairs are tucked in tightly because he likes to push the chairs around. Now this is scary. I can't wait till he figures out how to get out of his crib....not!

This is just a picture taken from my computer. Thought it was funny.

Idaho is great. The weather is not. It has already snowed once and is going to snow tomorrow 11/1. I have never felt a cold like Rexburg. When people heard about us moving to Rexburg and knowing that I've lived in Utah they said, "well you've lived in Utah, you should know how to handle the cold." I told them that it may get cold in Utah but my snot doesn't freeze. Is what makes it super cold is the wind. The wind is awful here. For example, today it was nice and sunny outside, probably mid 40's. With the wind it feels like mid 30's. And sadly that isn't even cold for Rexburg. I'm going to freeze.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Story Goes....

So Steven was able to get into phlebotomy school and will be done the end of May. I'm so excited for him because he's been wanting to go to school for a long time, and he will do so well. He also is a good husband and dad. He surprised me the other day and cleaned the kitchen and the living room. It made me cry. I was so exhausted from soccer and when I came home I just got to relax rather than worrying about the mess waiting for my arrival. That was so sweet of him. Now I got to clean the bedroom. :)

I was asked to play on a WPSL team, The Storm, from north cal. My first game will be Saturday up in Sacramento against Davis. I'm so so very nervous because I've been lazy about getting back into my jeans. You know, the extra leg and hip fat that comes with most women's pregnancy, well it won't leave and I hate it. I only have two pair of jeans that fit without looking like I painted them on. When I try to put them on hoping that somehow the fat fell of, it's hard for me to believe I was ever that skinny because I still look skinny. But Marshall was completely worth it all.

Speaking of Marshall he's still huge. He's currently 20 lb. and 29 in. He wears 9m clothing and sometimes I put him in 12m clothing to make him appear smaller. He's getting harder to carry but I love to hold him. I'm so excited when he can give me hugs. I'm really worried when he can walk because I think he'll get into everything. Not that every mom doesn't have to go through this, but Marshall is going to be a trouble maker I can already tell. He tries to scoot to the nearest thing so he can grab it and put it into his mouth. Soon it's going to be dog poop on our lawn. Great!!! So I really want to put a video up here of him but I'm nervous if he ever finds out he'll be mad at me. Should I do it? It's so cute and so funny.
 This is him being his naturally cute self. His hair is finally starting to come in too. Yay! It's hard to see.
I went in while he was napping and his feet were tucked up to his chest. So cute. He sleeps in the weirdest positions now. The other day we were playing soccer with him and he loves it. He would giggle and scream and smile. It was the cutest thing ever. I'll record it next time and post it. But here is a fun one for now. Look closely.

He wasn't able to avoid all of it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Resolutions or Revolutions?

2 Months Old Marshialious

Marshall had his first Super Bowl party yesterday and slept most of the game. He did watch the last quarter on his vibrating bouncer, which he loves, right in front of the T.V. He loved it. He is sleeping through the night now, well 8 hours. So when he goes to bed at 9:30. I have to get up at 5. I'm not complaining. Just saying I would consider a full night when I get up at 8 or 9. I like to sleep. :) When Marshall was born he looked just like me when I was a baby. Now that he's a little older he looks just like Steven. I guess that is how it will always go. Women go through labor pains to have all her children look just like the father. I know this is not true for every birth but for my first it is. One good thing about it is is that he will look like a man instead of a woman. :)

So I didn't quite enjoy the halftime show for the super bowl. The sound system wasn't quite right or maybe that was Fergie's voice. (Hmm...) Steven and I were lucky to go see his dad with his sister Nat and her boyfriend Joe. They made us food and we all enjoyed the company and the football game.

Some of my personal New Years Resolutions or Revolutions (Steven came up with revolutions) are to:
-Cook dinner 3-6 nights a week.
-Not eat fries or drink soda.
-B's and above in school.
When I say 'Exercise' I'm trying to gradually do more and more each week. I have to get in shape for soccer this fall and just having a baby will do some good stress on your body. Steven made some too but I'm not so sure I'm allowed to say them, but I will tell you this, he thinks I'm not eating candy this year and I've eaten so much already. I can't help but eat the chocolate that is in front of me!!! :)

For Christmas someone gave us and I-Flip or Flip camera. (Thank you uncle Ross!) I would highly suggest you get this item this year. I carry it in my purse and have been so happy that I have it when I need it. It's small and very convenient. When you want it on your computer all you do is flip out the flash drive that is connected to it and put it on your computer. That simple. Once cool feature that I love is you can see each frame personally and save it as a photo too. So if you purchase and HD I-FLip the freeze frames look just as good as a photo. In fact the picture used on this blog is from the one of my videos.

Well good luck to you all that have made Resolutions or Revolutions for this year and life. I hope you all succeed like I plan on doing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Attempt

Hello family and friends. Steven and I wanted to start a blog so that we can keep you all updated on our little family.

Steven is currently working at Clark Pest Control as the 'face of the company'. He enjoys most of the company around him but prefers not to have a desk job. He is great with costumer service which is what he does most of the time. He rather be at school but because he is a loving husband and father he is letting his wife, me, finish first. Lately Steven has been getting into, or should I say, 'digging' into all types of fishing. Right now his main focus is Fly Tying, he really enjoys it and is really good at it too (I'll try to take some photos of his Fly's.) Steven is really good with our son Marshall. He does this rocking thing that seems to put Marshall right to sleep. He loves spending time with him and playing games that make mothers nervous. :) I cannot do what he does at all. He recently decided that when he returns to school he will go into Nursing. We are both excited about this because he has the 'umpf' to do this type of career.

Marshall Denner Rusty Young was born November 19, 2011. He was 9 lb. 8 oz. and 21 1/2 in. He was one big baby. Everything went well with the pregnancy and he currently is 15 lb. and 25 in. Let me remind you that he is only 2 months and 2 weeks old. He already wears 3-6m and 6m clothing. Nothing 3m and under will fit. I think he wore each outfit once. Marshall is 90% in height, weight, and head size for a baby at his age. He enjoys eating every 3 hours and just recently decided to be nice to mommy and sleeps for 7 hours a night. So he goes to bed around 9:30-10P.M. and then wakes up for a feeding about 5A.M. and then he goes back to sleep till about 8A.M. It's fantastic. He enjoys naps, food, bright colors, TV, and seeing everything. He rather sit up than lay down. HOW TIME FLIES!!

I am currently going to Delta and in the fall I will transfer to UOP in Stockton. I will be attending UOP full time and playing soccer for the university. I'm really excited to go back but really torn because I miss Marshall even when he's with Grandma Alexander for only an hour. I hope to be done in 1 and 1/2 years with at Bachelors in Communications. Who knows what I'll do with that but Steven wants me to be a stay-at-home mommy anyway. I'll probably end up coaching soccer as a hobby.

Well I have caught you all up-to-date with the Young family. I hope I keep up on this blog so you all can enjoy reading about the Young's.